At the kemp gallery we are a team but we also want to help you build your team... in a unique way. 

we work with many office based companies in dublin developing teams using street art techniques which gets the staff out of the office and into a situation which challenges them to communicate and build team skills, it is a novel concept and one that has been well received.

sessions can be tailored to suit different objectives and timeframes. They can be in our gallery (12 person capacity) or in your office if you have enough space and do not mind us spilling a little paint on the floor! 

to arrange pop a mail to or fill out our contact form. 

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Scott Field - Google - Sector Leader, Retail, Travel & Export, France

"Steve and the Kemp Gallery staff created a unique team building experience that has had the whole office buzzing since we participated. Explaining and demonstrating the tactics and techniques of street artists through interactive workstations really captivated and engaged us all - no matter what level of prior interest we had in street art. Some of the sales team did not believe they were the "creative" type but any initial hesitation was quickly overcome and people were finding hidden talents and abilities. Participating in activities they would never be exposed to in their normal day-to-day role, it was very insightful to see how individuals expressed themselves. Sharing this learning experience has accelerated bonding and as a result the team feels more cohesive, I'm certainly seeing more collaboration and open communication since the event"