KEMP: "Inconvention"

KEMP Inconvention The KEMP Gallery Dublin
KEMP Inconvention The KEMP Gallery Dublin
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KEMP: "Inconvention"


Original one of a kind art work by KEMP

Spraypaint on wood panel

84cm X 116cm

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KEMP - a stencil artist from Dublin.

  • As curator of the gallery and contributing artist for the INTRO event, his proudest achievement is convincing himself to take part as an artist in this show.
  • He describes his style as that of a child, albeit a child who’s parents are worried about them.
  • He loves spray paints because they either work really, really well or really, really badly.
  • His favourite colour is pink.
  • He used to be a hairstylist, a job that taught him to keep working on something until it is right or stop before it goes wrong and the subtle difference between the two.
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