It has been just over a year since The KEMP Gallery launched on South Frederick Street and within that year there’s been a lot of energy put in to making the gallery what it has emerged to be within the Dublin art scene. With seven previous exhibitions in its first nine months, The KEMP Gallery has had a prolific year and with the recent move to a more central location, 65 South William Street, the gallery has an exciting horizon ahead. Now being hosted by GalleryX ( there will be interchangeable exhibitions between the two galleries in the future. Urban contemporary art is the chosen line of display in the space, with artists such as, ADW, JMK, RASK, DMC, Pigsy, KEMP and Emma Sheridan showing throughout the last year. The artists, ranging from street artists to fashion illustrators and straight up abstract expressionist, there is an eclectic blend of art for all to enjoy.

Group shows and solo shows are interchangeable throughout the seasons and shows will take place approximately every 10 weeks from now on. Currently showing is self-taught artist, Shane Sutton's That Space In Between (Fri 12 May – Sat 10 June).  He presents 22 works consisting of both oils and acrylic and aerosol works.

Minus One

Shane Sutton, Minus One



The relaunch night drew a big crowd to witness Sutton's first solo show in seven years. In the meantime, he had been busy with a mixture of projects from film editing to designing his own soft toy ( ) The night was sponsored by HOPE Beer, a craft brewery based in Howth, and the public were eligible to receive a free art piece by Sutton if they came across the free art flyers dotted around the city.

Shane Sutton, Satellite of Love

Shane Sutton, Satellite of love-blue



The show’s title was formed from “that moment just after you leave and just before you get there” (Sutton). The space between two points in time where the unknown resides. The principle theme depicts space and astronauts, visible as Sutton’s work in the show is primarily of space men and women in social situations, faceless and independently unrecognisable. Thus connecting with the viewer and inviting them to fill in the gaps. That Space In Between is not to be missed this summer.

Alpha Bravo

Shane Sutton, Alpha Bravo



For those wandering through the city in search of a space to ponder in between the city, South William Street as the context for the show fits the tone perfectly as the location is a connection from Dame Street to Grafton Street, constructing a harmonic relationship between the art and the city.

To see more of Sutton's work visit his website at


Eimear Regan - Assistant Curator


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